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PC -Tricks How To Synchronize The Clipboard Between Windows And Macos

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by ŤŔĨČĶŚPĹÁČĔŚŚ, Aug 11, 2017.


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    Want to copy some data from one computer to another? The clipboard synchronization has long since become a norm: macOS Sierra and iOS 10 can do this without installing anything, and Windows and Android can also be made via Pushbutton software. So what about between Windows and macOS?

    According to Howtogeek, to synchronize the clipboard between Windows and macOS, you have a handy option: via 1Clipboard software is completely free download You must be registered for see links

    Its mechanism of action is quite simple: 1Clipboard will take advantage of Google Drive to synchronize the clipboard between macOS and Windows, while also helping users access their clipboard usage history. 1Clipboard is very suitable for users who frequently switch between different computers, especially when they share a keyboard and mouse for all of them.

    How to set 1Clipboard

    After downloading 1Clipboard above (currently only supports macOS and Windows), you need to install both of the machines you want to use.


    Once installed, the initial setup of this software is essentially the same on both operating systems.

    1Clipboard will ask if you want to synchronize the clipboard, if you choose not, then everything you copy will be stored on the computer but not on Google Drive.


    If you want to synchronize the clipboard (for the purpose of this article), just click on "Sign in to Google ..." and Next. 1Clipboard will ask you to give Google Drive access, nothing big, just click Allow. Note that you need to do this on every machine you want to synchronize the clipboard.

    How to use 1Clipboard


    After initial setup is complete we use 1Clipboard only. You try to copy something on a computer, it will immediately be in the clipboard on the second computer. You can view the clipboard history you have copied by clicking the software icon in the system tray (Windows) or the menu bar (in macOS).

    When all you need to copy is displayed in 1Clipboard, you just click it to bring it to the clipboard of the system. You can star them for easy retrieval when needed. To view the highlighted items, you click the star button in the black sidebar on the left.

    Right below the star button is the search button, which lets you find anything you've copied from a few days ago.

    The last button - three dots - is the button that gives you access to the settings. Here you can turn off clipboard history, sign out of your current Google account, or enable 1Clipboard to start up with your system, configure keyboard shortcuts to open your clipboard history.



    1Clipboard is indeed a useful software right? According to the developer, in the future, the software will be integrated more attractive features. However, until now, 1Clipboard has really become a very good solution for synchronizing clipboard between Windows and MacOS.


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