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Tech News Samsung Announces 11lpp Process For Mid-range Chips And Is Developing 7nm Chips

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by ★ MåÐhåv ★, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Samsung has added 11nm FinFET manufacturing process and is confirming its own 7nm chip development.


    Samsung Electronics, the global leader in semiconductor technology, today announced the addition of 11nm (11LPP) LowFree FinFET processing to its advanced processing portfolio, providing customers with a wide choice of options. next generation chip.

    According to Samsung , compared to the previous 14LPP production process, chips manufactured using the 11LPP process yielded 15% higher performance and 10% less chip area with the same power consumption.

    In addition to the 10nm FinFET process for chips on top smartphones, the company expects its 11nm process to deliver a distinct value for mid to high-end smartphones.

    Samsung says the 11nm process will be operational from mid-2018.

    Samsung also confirmed that the development of the 7LPP process with the EUV (Highly Violet) Gypsum Plastering Technology is still on track and will be in production by the middle of next year.

    Since 2014, Samsung has processed nearly 200,000 wafer-based prints using EUV technology and, based on its experience, has achieved 80% efficiency over 256 Mb SRAMs.

    "Samsung has added a 11nm process to the roadmap to provide advanced options for different applications," said Ryan Lee, vice president and chief marketing officer, Samsung Electronics. Comprehensive roadmap from 14nm to 11nm, 10nm, 8nm and 7nm over the next three years. "

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