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Tech News This Is Why The Microsoft Edge Application Store Is Still Underdeveloped

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by ★ MåÐhåv ★, Oct 4, 2017.

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    It's been over a year since the official release of the extension to Microsoft Edge in August of the same year. In response to this delay, Microsoft posted a statement explaining technology.


    More than a year ago, the extension on Microsoft Edge first appeared with the Windows 10 Anniversary update.However, to date, more than a year of deployment, the number only touches the 70 mark, a very low number compared to the extension store on Google Chrome and Firefox.

    However, according to Onmsft , the blame for the number of extensions is slow because developers "neglect" is completely wrong. Microsoft says it is building the most customized ecosystem. This ecosystem will only grow when Microsoft extends the development of the extension through the new API.

    Colleen Williams, senior program manager for Microsoft Edge, shared the technology with a recent blog post.Williams believes Microsoft is doing what it takes to provide a high quality experience for the Microsoft Edge browser.To do that, the Edge development team must ensure that new extensions do not compromise the security, performance and reliability of the browser.

    In Microsoft's share, there is a record:

    "We are very sensitive to the potential impact of extensions on your browsing experience, and we want to make sure that extensions that are approved on Microsoft Edge will be fully qualified and reliable. We want Microsoft Edge to become your favorite browser, with performance, speed, security and reliability.

    Add-ons can be a potential risk for privacy, security, and performance issues. We want users to trust, they can use the extension approved by Microsoft. Therefore, we are continuing to evaluate each extesnion proposal to maximize the benefits of our users and realize the goal of a healthy Microsoft ecosystem. "

    In other words, Microsoft only accepts extensions only if they meet certain requirements related to security, performance and reliability.

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