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Tech News Watch The "blockbuster" Google Pixel 2 Full Color In Any Angle

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by ŤŔĨČĶŚPĹÁČĔŚŚ, Aug 11, 2017.


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    [​IMG] Last week, we saw some images of Google Pixel 2 being posted online, among them there are images that can be said "official" about the design of Google's upcoming blockbuster.

    Unfortunately, the images are quite low resolution and bad quality. This time, we will be watching Pixel 2 in the latest images, extremely sharp and full details!


    According to PhoneArena , these images are rendered based on CAD drawings and some images have been uploaded to Pixel 2 over the past few years, and unlike previous images, this render will show you the Pixel. 2 from all angles.

    Of course, you will not know the exact position of the antenna line, or whether the source button of Pixel 2 is as meticulous as version 1 or not, because anyway this is just a render image. .

    Not long, we will first see the "Quite Black" 2-color Pixel:


    Can see, Google does not follow the latest trend in 2017 is to make ultra-thin border. The top and bottom of Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are quite thick, and they also leave a 3.5mm port - a bit ironic because last year Google had "snapped" Apple on this in the trailer introducing the Pixel generation. oil.

    There is no information about the specific colors that will be brought onto Pixel 2 (only Quite Black is confirmed).However, it is predicted that Very Silver and Really Blue will also be back in version 1. These two colors received quite a lot of praise from users. .



    The question is whether any other color? It seems red is also quite popular, Google nhỉ? We will see the red version (Abundantly Red)?


    Too pretty right? But if you do not like the white front because it looks like the iPhone 7 RED too? Will Google launch the Pixel Red 2?


    However, this is just a assumption, because in our opinion, Google will probably not launch this color combo.

    So what do you guys think about Pixel 2's colors? Do you feel frustrated because the rim is too thick? Google is clearly keen to "battle" on the hardware front with its Pixel trump card, so this blockbuster is expected to have dual cameras. But with the design like this is clear Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + or LG G6 still more eyes. Let's wait and see!

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